Home Pool Inspections

Before buying a home, it is imperative that you have the swimming pool inspected by a professional. We have found that many home inspectors are not swimming pool experts and do not always provide the insight needed, leading to potentially costly repairs

614 Pools strives to provide quick and thorough 15-point pool inspections to share a full report on the condition of the swimming pool, equipment and accessories. Every inspection includes estimates for repairs and potential future repairs.

Before buying a property with a pool, you should always have a pool inspection prior to the closing of the sale! Inspections are typically performed within 1-2 business days; rush services are available! 

The following is a list of major items that are thoroughly evaluated through our inspection process, along with the rough ballpark replacement cost.

Ballpark Replacement and Maintenance Costs

What Most Home Inspectors can’t tell you about Swimming Pools

What a 614 Pools Inspection Will Tell You

Why You Should Still Inspect A Closed Pool

Many issues can still be identified when the pool is not operational.  While some issues cannot be checked, the majority can be inspected. 

System Parts To Be Inspected

Reference this picture with your potential homebuyers to check for and explain the function of the various equipment found at a pool.

Missing equipment, plumbing and other issues may be identified quickly, and pricing referenced above.

PRO TIP: Check for wet equipment pads, water stains and other issues to find leaks or potential problems that warrant an additional look


1. Uncover, Start System/Equipment, Adjust Chemicals
2.Chemicals circulate for 2-5 days. Clean Filter and Pool, treat with chemicals
3. Days 6-9 Pool is blue. Continued Cleaning and Vacuuming, balance chemicals.

4. Swim!