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Proper pool winterization can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage over the winter,  in addition to preparing for a quick opening process in the Spring.

Professional Pool Closing and Winterization includes:
  1. Winterizing underground plumbing lines
  2. Winterizing all pool equipment: Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Salt Systems, UV Lights, Heat Pumps, etc..
  3. Apply Anti-Freeze to plumbing and equipment, install winter plugs and freeze protection devices.
  4. Chemically treat the pool with a winterization blend of algae killing and prevention chemicals.
  5. Securely attach and install the winter cover, and lower the water in the pool if necessary.

 Have confidence your pool will be safe this winter and performed by professionals who are certified and insured!


Water chemistry is very important during the winter. Improperly balanced pool water can cause peeling paint, wrinkles in liners, and deck corrosion. Our pool winterizations check 5 different chemical levels and adjust them as necessary.


For More Details about Severe Weather Pool Protection, refer to Pentair’s Severe Weather Tips on how to protect your pool in the event of a sudden change of weather.