Pool Openings and Closings

Open your pool quickly and efficiently following the 614 Opening Process. Depending on the type of pool and cover, this process may change.

Pool Opening – 1st Visit:

– Cover Removal – Remove, fold and store

– Equipment Startup – Start, inspect and clean

– Chemical Testing and Adjustments – Test and adjust 6 chemicals balance the pool water

– Skim and Brush – Clear debris and remove stuck on dirt & algae

 **Chemicals are included in the price of service for Residential Pools!

To ensure your pool is swim-ready we highly recommend a 2nd Visit. This visit can be scheduled to remove dead algae, debris and perform a deep cleaning of the pool.  Our goal is to have your pool clean and swim ready after this visit!  

Pool Opening – 2nd Visit:

– Vacuuming – Removal of dead algae, dirt and debris

– Filter Cleaning – Clear the captured material from the filter and pool system

– Chemical Testing and Adjustment – Final testing and full chemical adjustment

– Cleaning – Skim the surface, empty the baskets and brush any remaining areas.


1st Visit
Wait 2-3 Days
2nd Visit
After Cleaning, most pools are swim-ready

The majority of pools that were properly closed with a cover will be just about ready to swim after the 2nd visit. Light to moderate cleaning may be required if the pool was very dirty/green at startup.

The entire opening process from completely green to ready-to-swim can take up to 10 days. A 3rd Cleaning visit is available for an additional charge, if desired.

Plan on scheduling your pool opening about 2 weeks before you’d like to swim, should any required repairs be identified at startup. 614 Pools can repair and replace all major brands: Pumps, Gas Heaters, Filters, UV, Salt and more…


Proper pool winterization can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage over the winter and from expensive pool openings. Our technicians remove all the water from your equipment and plumbing and add anti-freeze as a precaution. We install safety covers (with the springs) and tarp covers. Closings include chemicals and supplies.

Pool Closing


Water chemistry is very important during the winter. Improperly balanced pool water can cause peeling paint, wrinkles in liners, and deck corrosion. Our pool winterizations check 5 different chemical levels and adjust them as necessary.