Pool Opening Essentials

Ensure your Pool is opened quickly and without extra expenses

1. Before we arrive

You are ready for your Pool Opening!

2. Pool Opening

Most Pools have suspended particles and unbalanced chemistry. As a result once the pool is initially treated, debris and chemicals will settle on the pool floor for easy removal on a followup service. We rarely vacuum pools on the first visit to allow time for the equipment to filter and circulate the water.

3. Wait

Our chemicals take a few days to fully take effect and allow particles to settle to the pool floor. Cleaning filters, or backwashing may remove chemicals and lengthen the opening process.

4. Visit 2 to 4 – If Scheduled

Chemicals Included:

Comprehensive chemical testing includes:

A full list of chemical pricing is available upon request. We strive to provide competitive prices for chemicals delivered directly to your pool.

Other Services:

Cleanings, Equipment Repair & Installations, Warranty Repair Work, Liner Replacements, Leak Detections, Pool Inspections and more!