Pool Inspections

Buying a home with a swimming pool can be a major liability. We have found that many home inspectors are not experts when dealing with swimming pools and do not always provide the insight needed, leading to costly repairs. 614 Pools strives to provide quick and thorough pool inspections to provide a full report on the condition of the swimming pool, equipment and accessories. Every inspection includes estimates for repairs and even potential repairs that may need to be completed in the near future. Before buying a property with a pool, you should always have an inspection prior to closing on the property!

The 10-point full pool inspections takes into account equipment operation including signs for visual leaks or recently repaired problems. 614 Pools provides repairs for the majority of non-structural pool issues, so you can be sure the estimated repair costs are fair and accurate. 

Appointments are typically available within 1-3 days! When you are pressed to close on a property, we can quickly inspect the pool and provide a full report! Let us know if you need Expedited Service!