What Kind Of Pool Cover Do I Have?

Safety Covers

Tarp / Waterbag


Safety Cover Replacement Process

To begin the process, it will require your current cover to be sent to the manufacturer. 

The cost of the service is $300 which is non-refundable but can be applied towards the cost of the repair or replacement.

1. 614 Pools will pickup and ship your winter cover to the manufacturer for inspection and exact measurements to be taken.

2. Roughly 1-3 weeks later* (highly variable lead times during September/October), 614 Pools will contact you with details and pricing for repair or replacement options.

At this time you can review the price, and if replacing, you’ll choose the type of cover, as well as the color (Blue, Green, Tan). If you decide not to repair or replace your cover, there will be an additional fee for shipping and return of your original cover.

3. Once you place the order for your new cover or repair, the cost of the cover is due in full and 614 Pools will store your new cover until you are ready to close your pool in the fall and you will receive a free Pool Closing, with the purchase of a new cover!

If you would like to move forward and schedule the Safety Cover Service, please respond to this email or give us a call