Opening Upgrades

Prices listed below are valid when scheduled prior to your 1st Opening Visit
  • Sand Change $300-$500

    Replace your old and dirty filter sand and start filtering your water like new again. Removal and replacement of sand media in your filter. Recommended every 5-10 years or on recent home purchases!

  • Heater Cleanout $95

    Remove the debris and soot from your pool heater. This service opens, vacuums, cleans and inspects your pool heater to prevent fires and damages as well as extend the life of the heater.

  • Multiport Key ~$120 (varies by filter)

    Currently, you may be experiencing trouble when wanting to backwash your filter or waste water from your pool, or there may be a leak. Have the ability to use your filter with ease! With a new multiport key, your filter will feel like new and operate leak free.

  • Pump Tuneup $55

    Preventative maintenance for your pool pump to extends its life and performance. Includes the replacement of the pump basket, lid gasket, lid cleaning and lube, plug replacements and a pressure gauge for you filter.

  • New Chlorinator Cap $75

    Replacement of your existing chlorinator cap for ease of openings and closing. ($28 for O-ring to prevent leaks)

  • Chlorinator Cap Wrench $20

    Open your chlorinator with less effort using the chlorinator wrench

  • Pool Cover Bag $55

    Contain and protect your winter safety cover with a cover bag image

  • Autocover niche cleanout $150

    Removal of the leaves and debris in the autocover storage area. Vacuum and remove debris with a gentle rinse.