Most frequent questions and answers

Receive invoices online and pay through our fast and secure payment portal.  Customers can be enrolled in autopay for time-saving payments.

Before every service, you receive an appointment notification via email or text.  If you would like to know when a technician is on the way, simply let us know to enable a text notification..

You are safe to swim when the pool is clear, and chemicals are in balance

  • Based on the chemicals you added, give it 3-4-hour window, or 8-16 Hours, if a lot of shock was added.

The cartridge filters filter better if they are not cleaned as frequently. Pool Techs will clean the filter if the PSI is 8 above its start PSI.

It takes 8-16 hours for a pool to fully be clear after the chemicals are added.

No, we do not work on Automatic Pool covers but we will contact CoverCare

Sometimes what seems to feel like sand is not really sand. However, if it is sand, there is a crack in the lateral. If it is not sand, you might have a high mineral content in your pool, and we will need to add Pool Perfect.

This could be due to high sediment levels or a skimmer not working properly. This can also happen after we brush the pool (debris that our vacuums could not reach).

No, we do not work on Heat Pumps but we will recommend you a company with HVAC certification that does work on them.

We use Spa chemicals for treating the spa.

This could be a number of things.

  • The pump is higher than the pool level
  • Air leaks in plumbing in front of pump
  • Dirty Filter
  • Water Level below the skimmer
  • Pump lid not tight and gasket not lubed
  • Skimmer basket dirty, main drain covered in debris, or the pump basket dirty.

You can give our sales team a call and they can help you or if you have a tech nearby.

They can look in their binder. If you are asking for a certain type of service, each tech can create an invoice in our system to see the exact charge.

We give time for the pool water to circulate and the chemicals to do their job. Our 2nd visits are normally 2-3 days after the opening visit. Follow up services to a green pool is about 1-2 days depending on how bad the pool is.

Could be a leak at the system.

  • Cold weather outside, with the heater running.
  • High bather load
  • Leak in the pool or leak in underground plumping.

Halfway up the skimmer is perfect.

The salt makes the chlorine and we are just supplementing the created chlorine from the salt to help keep the sanitation levels in balance.

Our technology allows us to instantly email you a detailed report after every service, notifying you if it’s safe to swim or when it will be, the services performed and if and when we need to return.  If pools are very dirty and green, it takes time for them to clear. Regular chemical dosing, and cleaning is the best remedy.