How much do swimming pool services cost?

June 13, 2019


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To prevent the water quality of your backyard pool from becoming unsanitary and to keep your pool from deteriorating, its a no brainer that every pool should have some kind of servicing routine. But pool maintance isnt free, and that brings the inevitable question– How much does a pool service cost?

 To better understand the service cost, first you have to understand the services prices and the services that a professional can provide to you

What are some of the factors?

There are multiple factors that go into calculating the total cost of a professional pool service, the most common being:

  • Size of the pool
    • A small pool is defined by being around 12x24ft, or under 16,000 gallons
    • A medium pool is around 16x32ft, or under 30,000 gallons
    • A large pool is around 20x40ft, or under 40,000 gallons.
  • Type of equipment
  • Distance¬†
  • Surroundings